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About Spanish in Bangkok

Spanish Courses in Bangkok
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Our Courses Level

Instituto Español designed the courses based on ALTE
(The Association of Language Testing in Europe : standards. The ALTE framework is shown in the table form above comprising of six levels.

• A - Level One

    The examination is influenced by the Council of Europe's "Waystage" specification. At this level, users are acquiring a general basic ability to communicate in a limited number of the most familiar situations in everyday life. Users at this point need to be able to understand language use applied to simple contexts needed for survival such as traveling in a Spanish speaking country.

• B - Levels Two to Three

    At level Two the users of Spanish obtain skills beyond merely being able to pick out facts but are able to offer opinions, attitudes, moods and wishes.

    At level Three, users are able to handle the main structures of the language with some confidence to include a wider range of vocabulary and appropriate communication strategies in a variety of social situations. Users should be able to argue and describe contexts with a degree of proficiency .

• C - Levels Four and Five

    At level Four, users should be able to use the structures of Spanish with ease and fluency. They are able to argue and debate points in a culturally acceptable way. Users are able to process and communicate Spanish in varying degrees of formality.

    Level Five users are approaching the linguistic competence of an educated native speaker. Users at this level are improving the use of Spanish by extending their vocabulary and refining the usage rather than learning about grammar.

• Mastery

    Students will be helped by language instructors to fine tune areas of specialization such as professional or literary use of Spanish. Specific areas of development such as writing, speaking, reading or translation can receive further attention.